Top 10 Best Female DJs in the world

DJ Tatiana

DJ Tatiana (real name: Tatiana Alvarez) has an international following having played the most famous venues in the world.  She is a regular at the 3 largest U.S. Events: Coachella, Electronic Daisy Carnival and Burning Man.  Music has always been the fuel, emotion and motivation in DJ Tatiana’s life. Everyone around her recognized this. Tatiana Alvarez began her love of music in elementary school, she made individual mix tapes for her friends for birthdays and special occasions. By the time she was in high school she was introducing her peers to the electronic giants like New Order and Depeche Mode, trying to open up ears that were loyal to the heavy metal scene. The fervor spread amongst her small town and inspired an openness to new sound. She was also into the Ska scene, collecting vinyl from The Jam, Selektor, The Specials, The Skatalites and The English Beat. She became known and trusted to introduce new styles and educate on the best of the past.

Her obsession with music led her to the underground rave scene and the massive rave scene. The energy of all the people who lived the music and felt it made her realize she had found her home. She soon realized that she could infuse her own passion into the music and deliver emotional experiences to crowds. DJ Tatiana emerged. In 2001 she became a resident DJ for Feelgood Entertainment in Oakland and the monthly legendary parties at Hotel Ibiza. Sharing the main stage with superstar DJ’s right from the start. Two months later she was given residency at The House of Blues Foundation Room in Las Vegas. She was gaining momentum playing at venues throughout America. Within a two-year time span she released four mix CD’s. One of the CD’s was released on the Moonshine label, Kinkysweet. She toured with Hot Import Nights as an official DJ throughout America. At the same time she was chosen to be the official DJ for the Spike Television network show called ‘Do It’. She also appeared on the Spike Television show called ‘The Club’ hosted by Paul Oakenfold, where she was a finalist in the DJ competition.She has rocked crowds throughout America, Mexico, Canada, China, Indonesia,India and New Zealand.

She has appeared in numerous publications as a DJ as well as a model. She began a career in the high fashion industry at 16 traveling the world from Japan to Egypt, Cuba to Africa and living in London. Her travels exposed her to world music and sounds which she incorporates into her music bringing sensual, exotic and hypnotic beats to her crowds. She has done many live radio mix shows, including the well-known Powertools radio show in Los Angeles. Within the past year she opened her own label, Jook Music, and has produced original tracks and remixes. Her current projects include the hugely popular Killerkat.

This Cuban blooded girl is on fire. One of the most humble artists out there, she is inspirational in her approach to deliver unforgettable dance experiences where all are touched and moved to feel the music.

DJ Sandra Collins

From a humble start spinning hard industrial techno in the Phoenix Arizona club scene, to headlining humongous events, Sandra Collins’ name has become synonymous with every major American dance music scene and movement, beginning with her early days playing Frankie Bones’ seminal STORM raves in Brooklyn. Her residencies in Los Angeles are themselves a history of that city’s progressive dance music scene: She was resident DJ at L.A.’s Sketchpad from 1992-95, and shared a residency at L.A.’s Metropolis with Doc Martin and Taylor from 1995-98.Her popularity and reputation for bringing out the deeply emotional side of progressive house and trance earned her a spot on the Electric Highway tour with Crystal Method and Fluke. It also landed her, oddly enough, in a Coca-Cola commercial. In 1997, Sandra released her debut mix CD, Lost In Time, on L.A. trance label Fragrant, which earned her both a nomination for “Best Electronic Artists” in the San Francisco BAMMIE awards, and being named “Best Trance DJ” in the 1998 Global DJ Awards. The next year, she made her production debut with the 12″ “Ode to Our”/”Red,” which earned press accolades as it sold out its first pressing in a single day. She followed that up with her now-classic “Flutterby” for Scotland’s Hook label, a single so genre-defining it has shown up on such seminal progressive house and trance compilations as Nick Warren’s Global Underground and John Digweed’s Bedrock. Her success led to her moving to New York in 1998, and soon she was spinning regularly at trance mega-club Twilo alongside Sasha and Digweed, Paul van Dyk and Carl Cox. She continued to play raves and clubs across the country, earning a residency at Crobar Chicago.

DJ Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles never intended to be a DJ, let alone one of the most exciting new names in house music when she first started producing hip-hop in her bedroom aged 15.

By her own admission, the 24-year-old Londoner despised house music. “I was quite anti house because the only stuff that I heard was really cheesy vocal stuff on the radio,” she says. “I hated it. I used to think, Who listens to that?”

That was set to change as Maya discovered more underground house and techno music, whilst partying to the likes of Steve Bug and Anja Schenider in and around East London. Aged 17; Maya bought herself some 1210′s and started learning to mix vinyl and play out.

“I wasn’t old enough to be in a club. But it’s more exciting when you’re that age, isn’t it, because it’s forbidden. I was totally hooked. Instantly, I knew I wanted to create my own take on it.”

Fast forward seven years and Coles has become house music’s hottest new property. Listening to her DJ-Kicks mix, it’s not hard to see why. It opens with the muted synth chords and broken post-garage beats of ‘Loqux & Past’ by Deft, gradually acquiring more rhythmic weight care of tracks such as ‘In My Cocoon’ by Bozwell, a moody throb of glassy sounding electronics, wispy vocals and globular bass, and Coles’s own ‘Not Listening’, a driving cut built on a pounding yet melodic groove and exclusive to this DJ-Kicks mix. It’s another Coles exclusive, ‘Meant To Be’, this time in her Nocturnal Sunshine guise, that marks the transition to a more shuffle-y, two-step-influenced passage. The word journey is often used to describe DJ sets — too often, perhaps — but it applies in this case, and on a grand scale.

Official Website
Resident Advisor

DJ Rap

DJ Rap  (real name: Charissa Saverio) is one of the undisputed queen of the turntables. She owns, records for, runs and A&Rs two labels Proper Talent and Improper Talent, a producer, recording artist and an actor. She has been a prime mover on the Drum & Bass scene but not content to just sit in the studio and direct, she learned her craft as an engineer and produced many classics, often while collaborating with other artists. Hits like “Spiritual Aura” changed the face of Drum and Bass and lead to the birth of Proper Talent.After being the first artist on the scene to self-release her first CD, she gathered interest from Sony and was soon signed to them along with the likes of Grooverider and Leftfield, where she surprised us again with a new sound. Rolling Stone Magazine gave Learning Curve three and a half stars “this is the record Madonna wanted to make.” Learning Curve went on to sell over 1000,000 bringing her total sales to over 3000,000 copies worldwide in including her successful compilation sales including Journeys By DJ, Propa Classics Vol. 1 & 2, Brave New World, Armani Exchange & touching bass, Bulletproof, up all night, which have all crossed many genres and has become DJ Rap’s trademark.
Now we see the long-awaited follow-up to “Learning Curve” with “Synthesis” which is a fusion of beauty,rock and electronica, with every lyric heartfelt and raw” produced by DJ Rap and Tyler Bhornthus.

DJ Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien (real name: Ellen Fraatz) is a successful electronic musician, music producer and music label owner (Bpitch Control). She lives in Berlin, Germany, but travels extensively. She sings in both German and English. She has said that one of the main inspirations for her music is the culture of reunified Berlin; her album “Stadtkind” was dedicated to the city.Like a lot of dance music producers, Berlin’s Ellen Allien has had her hands in just about every aspect of her field. Allien’s immersion into dance music began during an extended stay in London, at the height of the acid house phenomenon. Shortly after returning home she got into DJing, and by 1993 she had spun at Fischlabor, Tresor, and a number of other significant clubs. Throughout the remainder of the ’90s, she hosted programs on Berlin’s Kiss FM, worked at the Delirium record shop, operated a label called Braincandy, and threw a number of parties called BPitch Control, which led to her label of the same name. She became a noted producer and issued a series of full-lengths – Stadtkind (2001), Berlinette (2003), Thrills (2005) and together with Apparat Orchestra of Bubbles (2006).

BPitch Control is a German techno record label founded in 1999 in Berlin by DJ and producer Ellen Allien. In 1992 she became resident DJ at the legendary Tresor club in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz. At around the same time, she started her own show on the Berlin radio station Kiss-FM and created her own record label, calling them both Braincandy, before setting Bpitch Control up in 1999.

The label has since launched the careers of popular artists, such as Modeselektor and Apparat.

DJ Reid Speed

Drum’n’bass and two-step DJ Reid Speed (real name: Reid Rosson) started DJing her senior year in high school, two years after she entered New York City’s dance music community. Formally known as Reid Margolis, Speed started playing out just short of a year after she began spinning. Her local career swiftly took off, as she was soon playing at a large handful of local parties and received her first rotating residency, all within two years. Her affiliation with Stuck on Earth promotions began when founder, Chris Kausch, caught her at a local event.  Reid is not a DJ who can be easily pigeonholed into one specific subgenre. “I play everything,” she says. “I like a little bit of everything. I will not be about one sound; I refuse to.”
In April of 1998, her knowledge and experience landed her a job at DJ Dara’s record store. Working in the well-known store exposed Speed to many promoters and artists and gave her an avenue to further her DJing. The job also lead to her residency at DJ Seoul’s Direct Drive nights. She has worked on productions with FS (of Ming & FS) and her first mix CD, Reeespect, was released through Stuck on Earth in early 2001.
The origins of her DJ name, it’s neither as glamorous (“speed” as in “velocity of dnb”) nor as controversial (“speed” as in “I’ve been up for three days straight”). “It was just basically because I started DJing and I met a bunch of people. There was a guy I started seeing, and I tend to walk really fast up the street. Or when I get excited, I start talking really, really fast. So he started calling me ‘Speedy.’ Then they decided that my DJ name should be Reid Speed.” There you have it, folks. “So, no,” she proclaims, laughing, “it has nothing to do with drugs!”

DJ Heather

DJ Heather (real name: Heather Robinson) is a legend in the house world.  From Chicago, where house music is a religion, she has created style. Widely regarded as one of the premier selectors in the nation, this Chicagoan demonstrates her skills and sharp deck acumen throughout the Windy City and the world at large with verve and undeniable talent.

With over 15 years of experience behind her Dj Heather has grown to become one of the Windy City’s main Dj exports. She is an artist who defies conformity, defines quality and continues to nurture her solid skills for soul music of the technological generation. She draws from her rich tastes in the many sounds of music from Hip, Soul & House. She is also proficient as a Producer with releases on 20:20 Vision and Aroma amongst others and she plans to begin her own imprint by the name of Blackcherry Recordings.


DJ Shiva

DJ Shiva (real name: Lisa Smith) has been a force in the techno for 15 years. Based in  Indianapolis DJ Shiva has brought a multitude of techno flavors to dance floors around the world. From electro to minimal, Chicago Jack to Detroit soul, the deepest to the hardest techno, her attention deficit disorder requires variety in both music and technique.

With her foray into the continuum of bass music, the same rules (or lack of them) apply. From straight up chest rattling techno to skeletonized exercises in minimal dub to bits and pieces of electro, garage and broken
beats, it’s all in the mix. Utilizing over a decade of experience on the ones and twos, she always brings a fresh approach to the musical palette.

Shiva is determined not only to spread eclectic sounds to new audiences, but to quite possibly live in a subwoofer someday.


DJ Lisa Lashes

Lisa Lashes (real name: Lisa Dawn Rose-Wyat), is an English electronic dance music DJ and music producer best known for her career as a leading female DJ, mixing numerous Euphoria albums, her popular Lashed dance music events and being the first and only female to be considered among the top ten DJs in the world by DJ Magazine

She has headlined European and International music festivals such as Global Gathering, Creamfields, Nocturnal Wonderland and Dance Valley, UK events such as Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Inside Out and Planet Love and in recent years her success has seen her tour China, Canada, United States of America, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

DJ Miss Kittin

Miss Kittin’s (real name: Caroline Herve) interest in music was spurred by her parents’ record collections, which covered everything from disco to funk to classical to jazz. The Grenoble, France, native found herself attracted to the rave scene of the early ’90s, and within three years of becoming involved, she started performing her own DJ sets. A major break came for the producer/DJ when she received bookings for the Dragon Ball events in Southern France. In 1996, she moved to Geneva, Switzerland, and joined the Mental Groove Records posse. A trio of early productions on various-artists compilations were scattered throughout 1996 and 1997. By 1998, she fell in with the International Deejay Gigolos camp, debuting on that label with the Champagne! EP. With the Hacker, Miss Kittin released First Album in 2000, which combined clubby production work with new wave pop sensibilities. She and Hacker’s haughty, somewhat hokey single “Frank Sinatra” caught fire with the burgeoning electroclash crowd, and her deadpan vocals similarly livened up Felix da Housecat’s 2002 single “Silver Screen Shower Scene”, as well as Golden Boy’s Or LP that same year. With her rep cemented, Kittin dropped the techno-themed On the Road, designed to show off her impressive DJ skills to those enamored only of her vocals. The March 2003 Emperor Norton release Radio Caroline did more of the same, moving Miss Kittin out of the electroclash pigeonhole and toward a spot holding lots of love for her first love, which was always spinning. In-between two more studio albums — 2004’s I Com and 2008’s Batbox — she released another pair of mix albums: Live at Sonar and A Bugged Out Mix.

Official Site


34 responses

21 06 2012
DJ Shiva

Huh. That was a pleasant surprise to find myself on this list. I don’t know who does this page, but yay, thanks! 🙂

21 06 2012

Shiva, we are honored to include you in our list. Your mixes represent the best of DJing. Today anyone can take a computer program and put a series of track together and call it DJing. We don’t. Your mixes give listeners creativity, adventure, and a journey. A rare thing today. Your years of experience packing and rocking dance floors stand out in your mixes. Your listeners get an amazing ride with a unique blend of skill, programming and track selection. You are truly a DJ’s DJ. We salute you!

17 10 2012

You got that right. This woman rocks it out like few others do. Props for the acknowledgement she well deserves!

19 10 2013

cn u teach me the way u spin
i also wanna becum a dj jst lyk u all
can u hlp???
mail me plzz

21 06 2012

Finally a list a female DJs that isn’t all about ass ass and titty. Thank you!!!!

22 06 2012

If we could ask for just one comment from the world out there viewing our ranking, that is it. We paid no attention to anything but talent, skill, the ability to rock a floor, professionalism, passion and commitment to the art. Every girl has T&A. Every girl is beautiful. But how many girls ( or guys ) can move thousands to a beat and create a vibe. We honor DJs not models.

21 06 2012
Darcey Drc Kearney

So sad… 21 years of traveling across the globe DJing and no love here. 😦

22 06 2012

No disrespect DRC. We are huge fans and it is tru you have been rocking the globe. But we had the very difficult task to pick only 10. Anyone who has not heard DRC should check her out, you will not be disappointed.

12 07 2012
DJ Shiva

DRC: Lady, you know you have always been a huge inspiration to me. Nothin’ but love, girl! ❤

10 06 2013
A.J. Trevino

your bad ass DRC my #3

21 06 2012
DJ Shiva

Aw, shush. ❤

21 06 2012
Ryan Z.

Shiva, I have been listening to you in the Indy scene since I was a kid… You deserve recognition… You’ve helped put Indy out there and I thank you.

21 06 2012

She sure the f*ck is!!

1 07 2012

uh… BABY ANNE kills all these ladies. dj rap is the only noteable mention here… period.

2 12 2013

My real name is CARIE UNDERWOOD…pleaes uplus.

11 12 2012

I really love DJing thing and I feels for it in my life time, i’ve just started my thing, hope im gonna climb the ladder via this inspirations and particularly by Dj Maya Jane inspiration

27 12 2012

I don’t know when this was posted but I am working on all female DJ event in NY. I would love to have anyone of the DJ’s listed here for the event.

29 12 2012
Jamille Ryder (@GotMillz)


9 03 2013
Travel & Tourism

Excellent post. I used to be checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info specially the remaining section 🙂 I maintain such information a lot. I used to be seeking this particular information for a very lengthy time. Thank you and best of luck.

10 06 2013
EmmanouelKatsoulakis (@ManoDiCandia)

where is cassy briton and nina kravitz? this is a sad list 😦

3 07 2013

i want to be a DJ too.:/

23 07 2013

That’s nice I love this,nd I wil like to be one of the top 10 in the like this someday.

30 07 2013

I love the mix of all genres and not just keeping to one over the other! Great mix of all talents here.

10 09 2013

Who’s top 10? We all have our favorites. VButterfly La Mariposa is more than a Djane, she is an artist! Beauty and skills never killed anyone.

16 09 2013

Awesome dj

30 09 2013
Michael Britner

Really??? No DJ Shortee??? You obviously didnt do your research. Or was this contest for amatuers only? LOL . None of those chicks can hold a candle to this chick see for yourself

12 10 2013

Lisa u will always be number no1…..keep it hard

20 11 2013

Great article! We are launching a Women in Deep House showcase this Friday Nov 22nd at Cameo in NYC. Details here:

Please do come along and support more women in DJing.

2 12 2013


25 01 2014
anthony whitley

go to youtube type IV Straight Jacket Hell video is buzzing in clubs in europe

18 02 2014
darkpartys (@Darkpartys)

I didn’t see T Foxxx up either 20+ years and still awesome & smokin HOT! I hear she’s going for residency at Mambo and Pacha This year. Regardless of this list you don’t see many if any female Djs/EDM artists at most of the festivals, SAD!! 😦

26 02 2014
Misti Icenbice

Hi. My name is Misti. I was DJing in Portland, Oregon as DJ Moisti since 2000. I started at The Matador and mostly played 60’s garage, 70’s punk and 80’s new wave and dance. Later, I began moving into electronic and pop. I still like to mix in some punk, new wave or garage just because it is my first love. I am now 43 and decided to temporarily retire from DJing for a while. After reading this I feel inspired to get back into it. However, I currently live in Klamath Falls and there are no clubs. So I would be DJing for myself, which is fine because I want to become more polished and technical. Any advice?

3 03 2014
james bunnett

Let’s have the best 10. International lady’s d.j.s.
The. Top 10. Lady’s from los Angeles
Winner. 50,000
With a. Trip to London Japan Germany Brazil Las Vegas
How’s up for that

21 03 2014

check out for Dj pierra from KENYA – Africa SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!!!

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